The Music
2011 Debut Release

2011 : Save The Machine

Drastic Andrew’s September 2011 debut release, Save the Machine, received rave reviews from local music press and the single, John Henry, has been in regular rotation has received continual regional radio airplay.


5 New Mexico Music Awards Nominations

2013 : State of Denial

The band’s 2nd release; State of denial(june 2013) was honored with 5 nominations from the New Mexico Music Awards, a nationally juried organization, and won the category of “Best Country Song”. Songs from State of Denial selected for rotation at 43 independent and college radio stations nationally and in Canada.

Best Country Song

2016 Best Of The Year

Live Without Warning

Their third album; Live Without Warning Won 4 of 7 nominations in The 2016 New Mexico Music Awards, (a nationally juried organization) including “Best Modern Rock” for Plunder away); “Best Video” for Alien Creature) “Best Rock CD” and “Best of the Year”.

Best of The Year!

Best Modern Rock

Best Video

Best Rock CD

2017 New Release
Soul Casino

Releasing 2017 : Soul Casino

The fourth album and loaded with 14 tracks.